When you are being interviewed it is important to think before how you want to highlight to the school your strengths. It is an artificial situation, though it will often follow an Observed lesson where you have shown how great you are.

The school wants to know how you will get on with other staff as well as students, your general pedagogy, how confident you are in different areas, and that you will be happy within the particular culture of the school. The interview process is not just for you to promote yourself. It is also a chance for you to understand more about the school and whether you will be happy there.

You will generally be asked 4 or 5 questions. One question will be about safeguarding.

• Evaluate your lesson

• If I walked into your classroom during an outstanding lesson, what would I see and hear?

• Can you tell me about a successful behaviour management strategy you have used in the past that helped engage a pupil or group of pupils?

• Why do you want to work in this school?

• How do you ensure that all students in you class are making progress?

• Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

• What is the best lesson you have ever taught? Why was it successful?

• What would you do if you suspected neglect or abuse in the home of one of your students?

• What is your proudest moment in teaching?

• What are the key qualities and skills that students look for in teachers?

• Why did you decide to become a teacher?

• How do you ensure that SEN needs are met in your classroom?

• How have you used, or how will you use, technology in the classroom? How would you deal with a student who is habitually late?

• What would you say to an angry parent about their child’s grade?

• Would you be interested in leading any after-school activities?

• If you noticed a child being bullied in your class, how would you deal with the situation?

• How would you engage a reluctant student?

• Do you have any questions for me?