1. Strong Teacher-Student Relationships
  2. Structure Your Teaching
  3. Nip Small Problems In The Bud
  4. Praise culture-groups
  5. Praise culture-individuals
  6. Routines
  7. Emotional Objectivity
  8. Voice control and body language
  9. Consequences or Punishments
  10. Rules


1.Strong teacher student relationships are crucial.

Building Relationships

This starts with getting to know names as they line up outside!

To a large extent, the nature of your relationship with your students dictates the impact that you have on them. If you want to have a positive and lasting difference on your kids, you need to forge productive teacher student relationships.

Strong teacher student relationships shape the way children think and act in school.

When you have a good relationship with your students, they are more likely feel positive about class and about school in general. They are also more willing to have a go at hard work, to risk making mistakes, and to ask for help when they need it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that research1 shows constructive teacher student relationships have a large and positive impact on students’ academic results.

It is teachers who have created positive teacher student relationships that are more likely to have the above average effects on student achievement.
John Hattie

In fact, the quality and nature of the relationships you have with your students has a larger effect on their results than anything else…