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Welcome to my blog, where we will explore the role of a cover supervisor in secondary schools in the United Kingdom.

A cover supervisor is an important member of the school staff who is responsible for supervising classes in the absence of a regular teacher. They provide support to the school by ensuring that students are engaged in meaningful activities during the lesson and that classroom discipline is maintained.

Cover Supervision is a role that can be taken on permanently or can be done on and ADHOC basis via an agency to allow yourself flexibility.

It is a great role to take on if you hold a degree and have hopes to become a teacher, or if you are completing a postgraduate degree looking for something part time.

The role of a cover supervisor involves the following responsibilities:

  1. Delivering pre-prepared lesson plans:

When a teacher is absent, the cover supervisor is responsible for delivering the lesson plan that has been prepared by the regular teacher. They must ensure that the lesson is delivered effectively, that students are engaged, and that the learning outcomes are met.

  1. Maintaining classroom discipline:

One of the most important responsibilities of a cover supervisor is to maintain classroom discipline. They must ensure that students are behaving appropriately and following the school’s behaviour policy. They may need to intervene if students are misbehaving or disrupting the lesson.

  1. Providing support to students:

The cover supervisor is also responsible for providing support to students during the lesson. They must answer questions and provide guidance to students who may be struggling with the lesson.

  1. Reporting back to the regular teacher:

After the lesson, the cover supervisor must provide feedback to the regular teacher. They may need to report on any issues that arose during the lesson, and provide an assessment of how well the students engaged with the lesson.

To be a successful cover supervisor, it is essential to have good communication and organisational skills. You should be able to work effectively with students and staff and be able to adapt to different teaching styles and lesson plans.

In conclusion, cover supervisors play an essential role in maintaining the continuity of learning in the absence of a regular teacher. They provide support to students and ensure that the classroom environment is conducive to learning. If you are interested in becoming a cover supervisor please feel free to give me a call on 01732 494 808 or drop me an email on

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