Good luck to Carmen at City of Rochester School on Monday!

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At Heart Teaching our purpose is simple: to help our teachers, our schools and ultimately young people get the very best out of the partnerships we help forge. It’s close to our hearts. It is what we wanted when we were at the chalk face and it’s what we’d want for our own kids now.

At the heart of our approach are communication, support and competitive pricing – we get to know our schools and teachers really well so we can find the right match; we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of support to teachers during and beyond the matching process; we offer competitive rates of pay to our teachers and tailor-made packages to our schools.

Fidnd the Right School

Finding the right school

We take the time to understand the culture of our schools, and to understand you. We want you to feel valued and fulfilled!

Lesson Preperation

Preparing Lessons

We know what it is like to be observed. We will help you to prepare Outstanding lessons for your interview and beyond!

Expert Training


We provide you with the specialist expert pedagogical training you need to help you become the best teacher you can be!

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In addition we are committed to the principle of creating outstanding schools through the ongoing professional development of teachers and hence offer bespoke training packages to schools in, amongst other things, Progress 8, Literacy and Outstanding Pedagogy.

And we are passionate in the process. About individuals and about quality. Just see what our teachers and schools say about us. Because we genuinely care about securing the best educational outcomes for young people and know from experience this stems from teachers who can inspire and engage in a school environment they can thrive in.